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The characteristics of Thai food depend on who cooks it and for whom it is cooked. I was so lucky by watching and helping my mother cooking since the early age. My passion and love of cooking have been growing and developing by experimentation, and by what is fresh and looks good at the market. For me, cooking is an art, much like painting. The herbs and spices, condiments and flavor ingredients are like the many different kinds of colors and techniques. To produce a good art, we must rely on our instincts and feelings as much as our knowledge of materials and methods. The tender loving care we put into food preparation, I believe, does make a big difference in the quality, flavor, presentation and lending depth and soul to the food.

       - Chef and Owner of Basil Thai and Thai Essence, West lafayette Indaina 2004-present

- Co-owner and Chef “Exotic Feast Catering” in San Francisco, California from 2000-2004

- Chef at “Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity” at UC Berkeley, creating menu and cooking for 60 UC Berkeley’s Students daily 2002-2004

- Received “Master Degree of Fine Arts” in 2002 from San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), San Francisco California

      - Ten years in the kitchen line for five differences outstanding restaurants (Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA)
“Ake Waratap Pasayadaj”