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Appetizer Vegetarian set
Basil Roll
Tofu Satay
Spring Roll
Tofu & Vegetable Rice Roll
Appetizer set # 1
Kanom Jeeb
Chicken Satay
Chicken Spring Roll
Crab-Cream Cheese Roll

Appetizer set # 2
Basil Roll
Spring Roll
Chicken Satay
Kung Hom Pa
Appetizer set # 3
Spring Roll
Chicken Satay
Seafood Pot Sticker
Chicken Curry Pot Sticker
(for 8-10 guests $55)
(for 8-10 guests $65)
(for 8-10 guests $65)
(for 8-10 guests $65)
Party Tray
Small Tray for 5 servings $55 
Large Tray for 10 servings $95 (on each item)
Pad Thai
Pad See Aew
Pad Kee Mow
Thai Fried Rice
Spicy Basil Fried Rice
Curry Pineapple Fried Rice
Gang Kew Wan (Green Curry)
Gang Dang (Red Curry)
(Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Tofu)
Gang Garee Gai (Yellow Chicken Curry)
Pad Ga-Prow (Basil)
Pad Khing (Ginger)
Beef and Broccoli
Pad Pak
(Mixed Vegetable Stir-fried with
Galic and Tofu)
Pad Ma Kuer (Eggplant)
Pad Prik Gang
(Spicy stir fried red curry with vegetable)
Price does not include 7% sales tax

Side Order
Jasmine Rice (small tray $10/ large tray $20)
Cucumber Salad (16oz $10/ 32oz $20)
Appetizer Tray
Peanut Sauce (16oz $8/ 32oz $16)
For more items and questions, Please call 765-430-1802