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1534 Win Hentschel Blvd. West Lafayette, IN 47906 / Tel:(765) 269-9380  www.thaieesence.net 
Most of our dishes can be made Vegetarian and Gluten-Free. For allergy concerns and dietary restrictions, please inform your sever.

Take Out Order, please call
(765) 269-9380
Lunch:  Lunch Appeitzers
                Thai Salads & Soups
                Thai Noodles & Fried Rices
                Rice Plates 
                Thai Curries & Side Orders
Dinner: Appetizers
                Thai Salads & Soups
                Thai Noodles & Fried Rice
                Stir-Fried Dishes
                Seafoods & Hot Plates
                Thai Curries & Side Orders
Wines, Beers, and Beverages